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Case Study: Karcher B300I Scrubber Sweeper

Scrubbing OR sweeping? This is the decision a lot of businesses think they need to make when searching for a floor cleaning solution. But why choose, when you can have both? Using a recent order from one of our nationwide hire partners as a case study, we take a look at the benefits of hiring a Karcher B300RI Combination Scrubber Sweeper.

The Importance Of A Clean Business

When it comes to presenting your business in a good light, there is no easier, cheaper or more effective way of doing so than ensuring its looking well-maintained, clean and tidy. We go through just some of the ways to get or keep your business premises looking its best, and how it can have a positive effect on sales!

Head-to-Head: Vacuum Cleaners vs Carpet Cleaners

We offer a fantastic range of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners for hire nationwide and at highly competitive prices. We aim to give you the right tool for the job every time, so we take a look at these two different types of cleaning equipment to find out exactly what is the best choice for you.

How To Clean Escalators and Travelators

It is easy to underestimate how important it is to keep escalators and travelators clean in a business or public area, not just from a maintenance and safety perspective but also because escalators are often one of the first things people will come into contact with at a location, and first impressions count for a lot!

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells In Carpets

Everybody enjoys a lovely, soft carpet - both at home or at your business - but there is nothing worse than when your formerly lush carpet pile starts to smell like a stale rubbish pile! We investigate the common causes behind bad carpet smells, and some of the best ways you can get it sorted!

How To Use A Floor Scrubber/Polisher

Have years of use left your floors looking a bit tired and worn out? Why waste hundreds of pounds replacing or reconditioning them when you can achieve fantastic results with a scrubber/polisher? This guide will outline what a floor scrubber/polisher can do for you, and how to get the best finish when using one!

How To Clean Your Car Seats and Carpets

Whether your car is due for a long overdue deep clean, or if you've been unfortunate enough to suffer the pain of a spillage or stain inside your pride and joy, we're here to give you all the hints and tips you need to get your car seats and carpets looking spick and span in next to no time!

How To Use A Steam Cleaner

We give you an easy to follow guide how to use a steam cleaner and also take a look at some of the incredible benefits and applications of using steam cleaners!

National Carpet Cleaner Hire - Not JUST for Carpets!

There is more than meets the eye at National Carpet Cleaner Hire! Find out more about our fantastic cleaning range, from a humble Henry Vacuum Cleaner to a colossal Karcher scrubber.

Why Clean Your Carpets?

Vacuum cleaning your carpets may appear to maintain a relatively clean carpet – removing surface dust and dirt. However, vacuum cleaners fail to remove stains, deep-seated dirt, grime, stains, odours, bacteria and allergens which cling to carpet fibres deep within the pile.

Carpet Cleaner Hire FAQ

Everything you need to know about how to hire a carpet cleaner from us.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

Vacuum cleaning your carpets regularly helps to maintain a relatively clean carpet on the surface, but it fails to remove the deep-seated dirt, grime, stains, odours, bacteria and allergens which cling deep within the carpet fibres.

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner

Our carpet cleaning machines are designed to give your carpets a deep and effective clean, far greater than can be achieved by just a vacuum cleaner alone. Carpet cleaning machines remove deep seated dirt, dust, stains, bacteria and allergens from deep within the carpet pile to rejuvenate the carpet, make it look and feel much fresher and like new!

Carpet Cleaning Machine Consumables

We have a range of high-quality and effective carpet cleaning solutions available. These products are designed for use with our carpet cleaning machines, for deeply cleaning and de-odorising carpets, as well as dealing with specific problem areas such as heavy traffic sections of carpet and spot stains. We have chosen to stock the ‘enviroworks’ range of carpet cleaning consumables.

Click & Collect - OR - Delivery?

With National Carpet Cleaner Hire, you can ‘Click & Collect’ your carpet cleaner hire, or we can deliver the carpet cleaner to your door!

About Us

Everything you need to know about National Carpet Cleaner Hire.