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Blog: Carpet Cleaning Machine Consumables

We have a range of high-quality and effective carpet cleaning solutions available. These products are designed for use with our carpet cleaning machines, for deeply cleaning and de-odorising carpets, as well as dealing with specific problem areas such as heavy traffic sections of carpet and spot stains.

We have chosen to stock the ‘enviroworks’ range of carpet cleaning consumables. We have tested these products and we have found them to be highly effective. This range of carpet cleaning fluids is also environmentally friendly, as the products are not made with traditional chemicals and bleaching agents and they are completely safe to use in the home, even if you have children or pets.

These carpet shampoos and treatment products utilise microbes which feed on organic matter such as dust mite faeces, food crumbs, urine crystals from pets or children and clean right through to the source - unlike some traditional chemical based products. As a result they not only clean but de-odourise the carpet to remove the allergen-causing particles in your carpet.
The carpet & upholstery shampoos (1ltr & 1.5ltr) are designed to be used with our carpet cleaning machines. Simply pour the amount of fluid stated on to the bottle into the clean water tank and the carpet cleaning machine will spray the water and carpet shampoo on to your carpets to deeply cleanse them.

The traffic lane cleaner is a heavy duty pre-treatment spray designed for areas of carpet which are often walked on, such as near doors and in halls. The traffic lane spray helps to loosen the ground-in, deep-seated dirt from heavily used areas of carpet.

We also have a spot stain remover, designed as a pre-treatment spray for use on difficult stains such as chocolate, coffee, fruit juice, mud, makeup and more.

Our pet guard is designed specifically for dealing with stains from urine, faeces and other bodily fluids, to remove the stains and bacteria and to de-odorise the carpet following an incident.

With our carpet cleaning shampoo, we tend to recommend that the 1 litre bottle will cover around 4 ‘average sized’ rooms in a house. We tend to recommend that the 1.5ltr bottle will cover around 6 ‘average sized’ rooms in a house. If you’re not sure how many you need, just give our hire team a call or request a call back - we will be able to advise you. Any un-used and un-opened consumables can be returned at the end of the hire for a refund.