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Blog: Head-to-Head: Vacuum Cleaners vs Carpet Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners use high powered fans and turbines to draw air in through narrow inlets to pick up dust, dirt and loose debris and although the specific methods of doing this differ slightly between the bag and bagless machines, the intended function remains the same.

The benefits of using vacuum cleaners include its ‘instantaneous’ nature – on most models, you can just pick it up, plug it in and go (and with some wireless battery powered models now being available, you don’t even have to plug them in!).

Not only this, but you get the added benefit of highly visible results after not much time, and the fact you can go straight back to using the area right away after usage because of its unobtrusive, dry method of cleaning. This having been said, many vacuum cleaners also feature a ‘wet’ function, which allows liquids to be sucked up as well, giving an added dimension to the machines cleaning capabilities.

Vacuum cleaners don’t just make a visible difference to your carpets and surfaces, but also hygienically. Many units suck up and filter allergens, bacteria and other nasties that can potentially damage your health, which means you should regularly vacuum your floors regardless of if they look dirty or not!

The best jobs for vacuum cleaners are for regular floor cleaning and general floor maintenance rather than a deep clean. Some units feature heavy duty penetrating brushes to get further into pile and crevices, and can often do a very good job in doing so. Vacuums are unlikely to remove stains or deep-seated dirt in the same way carpet cleaners do, but it is necessary to thoroughly vacuum your floors before using a carpet cleaner anyway.


Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are an ideal tool for deep cleaning carpets, upholstery, curtains and much more. They work by using water to remove dirt from the base of the carpet, all the way up to the top. The machine first loosens and scrubs the threads of the carpet with the water and detergent/shampoo, and this is then extracted out using a high powered suction vacuum.

Many people are put off by using carpet cleaners due to their use of water and the fear of having sodden carpets that take days to dry out. However, because of the extraction process of the water and shampoo, drying times are significantly reduced compared to the manual wet cleaning of carpets using sprays or foams. If you are particularly worried, then carpet and floor dryers, as well as dehumidifiers, are also available to hire to speed up the process and get your surfaces back in action sooner than ever.

The importance of using carpet cleaners sporadically to clean your carpets can not be overstated because even if your carpets and upholstery appear clean to the naked eye, there are all kinds of bacteria, stains, and allergens hiding deep within that a standard vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach.

Another benefit of using carpet cleaners is that specific tools and detergents can be used to allow for a more targeted clean depending on your own individual needs. These can include specific pet guard, odour removing or stain removing shampoos and sprays that can be used with the machine to give the best possible results where they’re needed.


How To Hire

We have an extensive range of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners available for hire nationwide, for both DIY and trade customers, at great rates. You can book a hire online or over the phone and then collect the carpet cleaner from your nearest store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver it to you!