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Blog: How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

Vacuum cleaning your carpets regularly helps to maintain a relatively clean carpet on the surface, but it fails to remove the deep-seated dirt, grime, stains, odours, bacteria and allergens which cling deep within the carpet fibres. This deep seated dirt actually shortens the life of your carpet, as the friction it causes slowly wears away at the carpet fibres as people walk over the carpet. The carpet quickly loses its soft and bouncy texture and becomes flat and hard.

Carpet cleaning machines give your carpets a much deeper and much more effective clean. Getting right into the carpet fibres, carpet cleaning machines lift deep-seated dirt, stains, bacteria, odours and allergens. Using a carpet cleaning machine can take years off your carpets, keeping them looking fresh and preventing them from becoming tired and worn.

You should use a carpet cleaning machine at least once a year to remove this deep seated dirt. This helps to keep the dirt levels low, so reduces the friction effect on the carpet fibres to prolong the life of the carpet. It also helps to keep your home hygienic and clean; as carpet cleaners remove the general grime, bacteria and allergens which could be harmful to people with asthma and other respiratory problems.

If you have pets or smokers in the house, it is recommended that you deep clean your carpets even more regularly (U.S. EPA Letter, January, 1989). Keeping your carpets in top condition can be a real challenge, especially if you have children, pets or smokers in the house. So in these instances, you can use a carpet cleaning machine every six months, to remove dirt, hair, stains and bacteria left behind by pets and improve the hygiene levels for your children.

Our domestic carpet cleaners are ideal for use in the home. Easy to use and extremely effective, our domestic carpet cleaning machines clean deep into the carpet fibres to remove the deep-seated dirt, grime and odours, eliminating harmful bacteria and allergens. And, at some of the cheapest hire rates available in the UK, our domestic carpet cleaners represent great value for money!