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Blog: How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells In Carpets

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells In Carpets?

Weeks and months of day-to-day use can turn your lovely, plush carpet into somewhat of a nasal battleground.

At home, trodden in pizza toppings from a child’s sleepover the other week or some unfortunate accidents from your brand new kitten (also demanded by the same child!) may well be taking their toll.

At work, it could be an over exuberant coffee pour or six or the lazily cleaned-up remnants of a buffet last Christmas. Either way, that ominous smell of an un-fresh floor is starting to rear its ugly head, so here is a quick and easy guide on how to get rid of bad smells in your carpets.


What Causes Bad Smells in Carpets?

Compared to the likes of tiles, hard wood or laminate flooring, it isn’t difficult to see where some of these nasty odours are coming from when it comes to your carpets. Where on other surfaces spillages can simply be swept or mopped up, carpet is a different kettle of fish when you spill a kettle of fish. You can lay down paper towels or tea towels but it never really does the job.

As time goes by, deep set stains from pets, food, drinks, kids, husbands – whatever – build-up in your carpets and it is only a matter of time before it starts to kick up a bit of a pong. To better explain it, you wouldn’t like the combined smells of red wine, baby food and nail varnish when its fresh – let alone when it’s been sitting in your carpets for a couple of months!


How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Carpets?

Perhaps the easiest way of stopping the cause of bad smelling carpets is to ban all food, drinks, pets, people or objects from the room – but it’s hardly the most practical thing in the world. There is a way of keeping your carpets in tip-top shape though, to stop those smells in their tracks before they can ruin any upcoming dinner parties.

Regular vacuuming helps remove loose debris, dust and allergens from carpets keeping it looking and smelling fresh. One step beyond this is a dry/wet vacuum cleaner, that is equally at home sucking up crumbs and the like as it is with liquids.

For a deep clean though, look no further than a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. Using warm water, shampoo or consumable treatment and high-suction vacuuming it penetrates deep into the carpet ensuring the best very best cleaning results and removal of odours.

You can get back to using your carpet after cleaning in no time with good ventilation, and the process can be further speeded up using a turbo dryer. However, if you do get any damp smells in the days and weeks after using a carpet cleaner, this is likely down to an issue with your underlay or flooring under the carpet and it may require some further investigation.

We have an extensive range of floor and carpet cleaning equipment available for hire nationwide, and at extremely competitive prices. You can book online, or contact our specialist hire team for more information. You can also check out the rest of our useful blogs here.