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Blog: How To Use A Carpet Cleaner

Our carpet cleaning machines are designed to give your carpets a deep and effective clean, far greater than can be achieved by just a vacuum cleaner alone. Carpet cleaning machines remove deep seated dirt, dust, stains, bacteria and allergens from deep within the carpet pile to rejuvenate the carpet, make it look and feel much fresher and like new!

Using a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets will invigorate the carpet, prevent the carpet from looking tired and worn, and ultimately make your carpet much more hygienic and healthy.

Before using a carpet cleaner, vacuum your carpets thoroughly to remove any surface dust and dirt.

Then set up the carpet cleaner. Our domestic carpet cleaners have a clean water tank which you fill with warm water and a drop of carpet cleaning shampoo. To use the carpet cleaner, just turn the carpet cleaner on and position yourself at one end of the room. Then simply squeeze the trigger on the cleaning wand to initiate the water spray, and drag the nozzle backwards along the carpet in a straight line.

As you walk backwards, the carpet cleaning wand sprays carpet cleaning solution onto the carpet and sucks it back up through the vacuum, depositing the dirty water solution into the dirty water tank. You should repeat this process in straight lines along your carpet. Once completed, you should then go over the strips of carpet again with the carpet cleaning wand, without using the cleaning solution spray. This allows the carpet cleaning machine to vacuum any excess carpet cleaning solution from the carpet.

Even if your carpets look clean and hygienic on the surface, you will be quite shocked at the colour of the water that is deposited into the dirty water tank. Even though your carpets may look clean on the surface, you'll be surprised by what's been lurking deep within the pile!

Once you have finished cleaning your carpets with the carpet cleaning machine, you can also use it to clean your upholstery, curtains, stairs and car seats!

To dry your carpets following a carpet clean, you should open your doors and windows to allow air to circulate through the room. The carpet should dry within a few hours. Alternatively, you can use a carpet dryer to speed the drying process up.

If you are interested in giving your carpets a deep and thorough clean, take a look at our domestic and commercial carpet cleaners. We have these machines available for hire nationwide, at some of the most competitive hire rates around!

For more information on carpet cleaning, use the LiveChat feature in the bottom corner of your screen to speak to one of our advisors, or call our Hire Team on to enquire or to arrange a hire!