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Blog: How To Use A Floor Scrubber/Polisher

What is a Floor Scrubber/Polisher?

Perfect for use on all kinds of hard flooring; including wood, laminate, stone, marble, and tiles – floor scrubber/polishers are multi-purpose cleaning machines.

Using the scrubbing brush, the machine uses high-speed rotation to penetrate deep into dirt and build-up to leave your floors looking brighter and cleaner. Thanks to the polishing pads, using the same principle wooden floors can be buffed and restored to an outstanding, shiny finish and can even reduce or remove marks, stains or scuffs.

Our floor scrubber/polisher machines are perfect for use in the home as well as in offices, shops, leisure facilities, and schools. They are also great pieces of equipment for professional cleaning contractors.


How To Use The Machine For Scrubbing

If you choose to hire a unit from National Carpet Cleaner Hire, you will receive included a scrubbing brush.

Firstly, before you start, you will need to make sure that this brush and the area you are intending on scrubbing is free of debris or dirt. This is because running over solid waste like grit and gravel may result in the high-speed spin of the brush dragging it over the surface of the floor, which could lead to scratches.

Then, you can turn the machine on and get going. The best technique for cleaning is to start at the back corner of the area you are cleaning and gradually make your way to the front in a slow, controlled line. By keeping your speed and line consistent, this will help get an even clean on the surface.

Once at the opposite end of the space, turn around and repeat until the area is complete. You may need to return to areas that are particularly dirty or have heavy build up, but try and keep the machine moving over these areas rather than just staying still as this may affect the finish of the floor.


How To Use The Machine For Polishing

Using one of the many polishing pads available with these floor scrubber/polisher machines, you can polish scratches, stains, and marks from wooden floors and buff the floor to a beautiful shiny finish.

The same preparation technique and action should be used as the scrubbing brush, checking carefully to ensure that no dirt or debris is present on the pad or the floor before beginning.

Depending on the surface you are working with, different products are available to enhance the finish. It is vital to always consult the instructions on both the machine and the polish product before you start, paying particular notice to health and safety notices such as ventilation and skin protection requirements.

Applying the products as instructed, you can then begin polishing in the same way as scrubbing, starting from the back and gradually moving to the front. Standing or revisiting areas should be avoided until the job is completely done and any polish or product has had a chance to dry and set. Not doing so could lead to streaks, marks or uneven finishes.

When done properly, your surfaces should be left looking clean and shiny! Why not take a look at hiring one of our floor scrubber/polishers and transform the look of your floors?