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Blog: How To Use A Steam Cleaner

Ever since the 18th century, people the world over have been harnessing the power of steam for a number of practical uses – not least the hygienic, natural and powerful cleaning performance it offers! We take a look at some of the fantastic benefits of using steam cleaners and a few of the most common applications.


How does steam cleaning work?

In short, a combination of the ultra-high temperatures and the pressure from the blast of steam during use is the secret behind the immense cleaning power of steam cleaners.

Water is boiled in a pressurised container, creating steam. When the cleaner is activated, the pressure is released and the steam is forced against a surface, dissolving dirt, grime and build-up with ease. Thanks to the high temperature, the steam can also have a sterilising effect as many forms of bacteria cannot survive under such extreme conditions.


What are the benefits of using steam cleaners?

The benefits of using steam cleaners extend beyond most people’s expectations. Because the machines’ only cleaning agent is water, not only is this beneficial for both your health, the environment’s health but also for your wallet, as it eliminates the costs of expensive and potentially damaging detergents and cleaning agents!

Because steam is a gas, it can often reach places that are otherwise inaccessible during other types of cleaning and penetrates deeper into surfaces and dirt to give a much more thorough and hygienic clean.

Time is also a massive factor – as steam cleaners can offer exceptional cleaning results in just one usage, whereas manual cleaning could take much longer to achieve the same finish. Steam cleaners are versatile pieces of equipment and can be applied to a number of different areas including bathrooms, kitchens, windows and textiles depending on the kind of unit selected.


How to Use a Steam Cleaner

Before you start, it is important to vacuum or sweep the surface you are going to be working on to remove any loose surface dirt, dust and debris. If this is left on during steam cleaning, it may adversely affect the performance and the resulting finish.

When using a steam cleaner it is vital to thoroughly read the operation and safety instructions before use, as each unit may differ. Once all of this has been done, place the steam cleaner on the specific area you want to clean, activate the steam blast and leave it in place for a few seconds to let the steam penetrate the surface. Don’t leave it on too long though, as you don’t want the high temperatures to damage the surfaces themselves.

After you have done this, take the steam cleaner off the area and allow it to cool for a moment. The surface should be a quite damp where the steam has condensed onto it. It is important to wipe or mop away this condensation/liquid as this is where all the lifted dirt and grime is. You can repeat this process across the entire area you want to clean, making sure to keep the steam cleaner well maintained and full of water to retain the performance quality.


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