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Blog: The Importance Of A Clean Business

Marketing, competitive prices, good customer service and a broad range of products are all good methods of bringing customers into your business. But how many of these impact a customer on first glance? Surprisingly little.

But a clean, well-maintained frontage and customer area?  That oozes a professional and reliable organization, particularly in hygiene conscious industries such as the care, leisure or food and drink sectors. We take a look at the importance of a clean business for the benefit of customers and staff alike.


Impressions DON’T Start At The Front Door

If your business has a car park, either private or communal, this can instantly give a prospective customer or client a flavour of the kind of business you’re running and signposts the importance you place on the finer details – yet cleaning and maintaining a car park is not something that first springs to mind when keeping up appearances at a business premises.

Litter, loose gravel, debris, and dirt can make a car park look drab and unkempt – and worn out, poorly laid out car park lines will only make this worse. You can use a walk-behind vacuum sweeper for smaller forecourts and lots, whereas for larger areas a ride-on vacuum sweeper or road sweeper is far more efficient than manual cleaning and is guaranteed to give outstanding cleaning results.

As for the car park lines, this needn’t be an excessive expense with a line marking paint kit, which can be purchased via our partner site, Line Marker Paint – with easy to use applicators and reliable temporary and permanent paint that is suitable for car parks, warehouses, factories and more.


Pssst…But It’s Important To Back It Up

Fronts are one of the first visible interactions potential customers and clients with your business, particularly if you don’t have a car park, and can be a real indication of what they can expect to find inside.

Maintaining clean signs, windows, cladding and exterior marketing material is easy with a pressure washer such as those available from our partner site, National Tool Hire Shops. For things like ceramic wall and floor tiles that have deep-seated dirt and grime, a steam cleaner may be the way to go.


Now Seal The Deal!

As we’ve already shown a clean business starts from the bottom, and that remains the case as we move into the building itself. The last thing a prospective customer wants to see is a dirty tiled floor or carpet, but we also understand that arranging a thorough and efficient cleaning schedule can be a lengthy and costly process. So by hiring professional equipment such as a scrubber dryer for hard floors, or a commercial carpet cleaner for carpets and upholstery, you can save time, money and effort on your cleaning regime whilst at the same team increasing the scope to boost your sales!


For more great advice, tips, and guides you can check out the rest of our blog here. For more information on any of our great range of professional, industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning equipment and products contact the friendly experts at the hire team today!