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Blog: Why Clean Your Carpets?

Vacuum cleaning your carpets may appear to maintain a relatively clean carpet – removing surface dust and dirt. However, vacuum cleaners fail to remove stains, deep-seated dirt, grime, stains, odours, bacteria and allergens which cling to carpet fibres deep within the pile.

Cleaning your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine once or twice a year helps to deal with this deep-seated dirt and bacteria. The warm water and carpet shampoo solution sprayed into the carpet by the machine gets deep within the carpet pile to remove the dirt and grime, whilst the high powered vacuum lifts the dirt and deposits it into the dirty water tank within the carpet cleaning machine.

Over time, carpets can become hard, flat and discoloured; as deep, ground-in dirt clings to the carpet, and the friction caused by this dirt when you walk over the carpets can lead to the carpet looking tired and worn. A carpet cleaning machine, with its warm water and carpet shampoo spray, helps to soften the carpet by loosening and removing the ground-in dirt from deep within the pile. Following a carpet clean, your carpets will look and smell much fresher, stains will be removed, your carpet will regain colour and the carpet will look rejuvenated - almost like new!

Deep cleaning your carpets is also good for the health of you and your family. As carpet cleaning machines help to kill dust mites which leave behind faeces and body fragments which are. This can contribute towards making allergies much worse, and cause illness. Cleaning your carpets also helps to eliminate pollutants trapped within the carpet fibres. Pollutants and bacteria, including air pollutants, allergens and everyday dirt, can cause illness and worsen respiratory issues such as asthma. Cleaning your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine removes these pollutants, creating a much healthier and more hygienic home.