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Blog: How To Clean Upholstery

You can use our carpet cleaning machines to clean your upholstery, as a convenient hand-held upholstery cleaning attachment is included in all hires of our carpet cleaning machines. Upholstery that can be cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine includes fabric couches, cushions and dining chairs.

The hand-held upholstery cleaning tool is also ideal for cleaning into corners of carpet, tight spaces and around skirting boards, as well as stairs, curtains, car interiors and more!

Firstly, you will need to prepare your upholstery for cleaning. Run a standard vacuum cleaner over the cushion or seat fabric to remove any surface dirt and dust which could get in the way of the spray extraction carpet cleaning machine. Next, lay some towels on the floor, underneath the upholstery you are working on, to catch any water that may escape and cause a mess. Finally, you are ready to remove the long cleaning wand from the carpet cleaning machine and attach the small hand-held upholstery cleaning tool.

Fill the clean water tank in the carpet cleaner with clean warm water and a splash of carpet & upholstery cleaning solution.

Turn the carpet cleaner’s vacuum on and place the hand tool on the upholstery you are going to clean and pull down on the trigger to spray the carpet cleaning solution on to the upholstery. As you move the cleaning tool backwards over the upholstery, the hand tool will spray the upholstery with the cleaning solution and vacuum it up and deposit the solution into the dirty water tank.

Work on the upholstery in straight line strips. Once you have cleaned the entire piece of upholstery, go over the surface again with the hand held cleaning tool, without pulling the trigger to release the spray. As this will allow the carpet cleaning machine to vacuum any excess water left in the fabric.

Once you have finished, you can take the upholstery outside to dry (weather depending!) Or simply let the upholstery dry inside.