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Drying Equipment Hire

We have an excellent range of drying equipment available. We have industrial dehumidifiers, home dehumidifiers, and floor dryers. They assist the drying of carpets, floors, and walls following construction and decoration. They are also ideal for remediation following a leak or flood.

Drying Equipment Hire

Dry out spaces following decorating, construction or flooding

We have a range of high quality, professional and effective drying equipment available for hire nationwide. Our range includes domestic dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, and floor dryers. This equipment is designed for drying out damp rooms following decorating work, renovation work, construction, a leak or a flood.

Dehumidifiers use a fan to draw in the humid air from a space and pass it through a cooling element. As the air makes contact with the refrigerated element, the moisture in the air condenses into liquid and drips into an internal collection tank. A hose can also be connected to these units which allow the condensate to be pumped down a drain. The dry air is then expelled back into the room by a fan. Floor dryers blow high volumes of air over the floor surface - this airflow helps to draw moisture out of the floor. When used in conjunction with each other, these pieces of equipment help to remove moisture from the air, the walls and the floors, and dry out the space effectively. This improves the quality of work following decorating, renovation and construction, and helps to prevent the development of mould and rot following a leak or flood.

Take a look at our specialist drying equipment available for hire on our website. You can book drying equipment hire online using our booking system or over the phone with our hire team. Then you can collect the machines from your local depot at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you. Visit National Heater Shops for dehumidifiers for sale.